Portable massage table (Ivory color) L185cm x W70cm x H50-71cm

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  • Length 185cm (6.06955 foot/ 72.8346 inches)
  • Width 70cm (2.29659 foot/  27.55908 inches)
  • Height (adjustable)  50-71cm happyjiyounghttp://www.7beauty.co.kr/products/view/20635
    1.64042 foot / 19.68504 inches - 2.3294 foot/ 27.9528 inches

When folded
Length 93cm × Width 70cm × thickness 18cm 
Length in foot 3.05118 × Width 2.29659 × thickness 0.590551
Length in inches 36.6142 × Width 27.5591 × thickness 7.08661

Weight : 13kg (28.6 lbs)
Endurance : 825kg (1818 lbs)
Mattress thickness: 9cm (3.5 inches)
Cushion thickness: 4cm  (1.6 inches)

Upper massage table board/cushion part: PU, Urethane 
Legs: aluminium

Height of the massage table can be adjusted to 8 levels with leg 
aluminium hole


  1. Attach/detachable face, head rest
  2. Attach/detachable face hole
  3. Arm rest part that can be attached to head/face rest cradle
  4. Side arm rest 2 parts (for broad shoulder person)
  5. Black cover/carrier bag

Brand: Seven Beauty (OEM)
Made in China
Exported to Japan (quality is very good!) :)

This is the massage table I personally and professionally use.
I love getting massage so I use this massage table at home and I recommend this massage table to my client who like to get massage at home with his or her own table for ease and comfort. :)

It's very stable and strong!
I used for not only Asian(myself) but also with westerners with no problem so far.

I like the ease of adjusting the height(legs) because 4 legs are made from aluminium and has 8 levels of holes. 
Changing height for the massage table is as easy as clicking the buttons.
Unlike wooden knob style adjustable ones most of massage tables have.
They take a lot of time to adjust!

For this massage table, it take few seconds!
Great for massage practitioners or person who need to adjust the height of the massage table. :)

Within 3~7 days you will receive this massage table after making payment (Exception Sat/Sun and holidays)