Wine Cruise and lack of social/networking skill

I went to Pieroth Wine's bi-annual wine cruise event on Saturday.

Wine cruise Han river, Seoul, Korea

I was curious how Pieroth Wine is holding 350 people inviting event as I am involved with
wine business with YHK.
I don't drink alcohol but because of YHK wine business...I attended my first wine tasting event a few weeks ago.

I believed that alcohol doesn't fit with my body-I still think my body is not very compatible with alcohol.
I tried wine a few times before(one sip) but I didn't find any wine that suited my tongue or nose.

But when I went to International Wine Fair held in Sydney Convention Center last July...I finally found some wines that I liked! Sweet wines! I never knew there were wines that were sweet and good to my taste!

Anyway...this wine cruise was interesting experience but it gave me a lot of headaches or thoughts...on my people skill...or networking skill or whatever you call it. I expected, I saw and met several people I knew there and tried to say hi and make some conversation...just to be nice to them.
Some of them, I got along well as they were warm people!
But maybe one man...I had hard time doing some talk.
"Are you here alone?"
Then he said "No. I am here with Tammy and my friends"
(I would introduce those friends if I were him...-.- of his friend was one gentleman that I met from my friend's birthday party so I talked with him)
I don't know if that was leave the first man and other lady who sat next to this gentle man that I met before...I felt little weird to leave from that circle after finishing talking with this gentleman by getting his email address as he wanted to send email to my friend for photos that he took last birthday party.

The other two people didn't seem so happy. Maybe I did something wrong?
Maybe I cut in their conversation? Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need some learning on this to start conversation or talk to someone that is not so close to me...or that man wasn't that nice or friendly person. Hmmmmmmmmm........I thought a lot about that on the way work...somehow this kind of feeling is not very comfortable.

Dan advised to me that the best solution is going those fuctions as many as possible.
Ah...I have this burden feeling of saying hi and maintaining conversation!!!
Also I don't know how to leave from the people I said hi...naturally. Duh!!!

I found this article on my favorite book marked Romance Guide blog.
It's more about dating tip but still dating is also networking/people skill thing.
5 Things Never to Say on a First Date

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