What is your criteria to raise your happiness level? :)

What makes you happy?

Sometimes this question can be little abstract for some people to articulate?
Instead...asking that way...how about...

"What is your criteria to raise your happiness level in your day-everyday?"

When I was at Matthew Hussey's recent 5 day retreat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we did this exercise of writing down criteria to raise our happiness level.

For Matt, he had critical things to happen in a day to make sure he's happy.
He shared his examples and it was easy for us to understand and wrote down.

By the way, as I check my note, I see these lines Matt shared while sharing the book called Happiness Advantage on the retreat.

"When we are happy, we create success"

"Happy people sustain success"

"Happiness breeds success"

"If I want more success, I have to figure out how to be more happier"

Matthew's Daily Happiness Recipes

  • Exercise
  • 4 hour deep work
  • Meaningful interaction with human beings
  • Learning something new-stretch myself
  • Contribute to Mastery
  • Experiencing gratitude

After hearing his, I wrote mine...

Criteria to raise my happiness level

  • Meditation in the morning & night
  • Exercise
  • Eat healthy food (and/or green smoothies)
  • Feeling connection with human beings
  • Producing video (and/or podcast) to share and connect with people
  • 8 hours of sleep
  • Impacting someone's life by video or blog or both
  • Being in nature
  • Physical connection (love making, meeting, dining) with someone I like
  • Feeling gratitude
  • Having sex
  • Getting massage
  • Walk 20-30 min
  • Playing with dog
  • Horse riding
  • Hanging out with like minded people
  • Learning, expanding skills

Today I ventured out to a park called Barcroft park in Arlington, Virginia near my business partner's area instead of going to the gym in the building or just around the block.
Thanks to my business partner who told me about this park and also drove off there.

It was so nice to be in nature and hitting many of my criteria to raise my happiness level!
Definitely I was happier as you can see in the video!

I've been making an accountability video to keep me accountable to do exercise to be healthier and fitter and make a habit of working out or moving my body 5 times a week. :)

And I also happened to watch this video today from facebook I feel so resonate with!

From this video, he asks "What's your TO-BE list?"
Not "To-Do" list. :)

My to-do list has been changed since I attended Matthew Hussey Retreat in May/June 2017 as I discovered my values, criteria to raise my happiness level.
All the goals...Rituals reflect my values and what makes me happy in the day or 3 months goal or longer term goals.

I feel happier in daily life now then before.

I hope you also take time to reflect those things and live happy starting today.

I remember when I was in my marriage with my ex...I didn't want to buy clothes as I felt fat and wanted to buy clothes when I lose weight and my ex would say
"Buy what fits now and you can buy again when you lose weight later too"

I was living in the future or for pleasing others...more than happy for myself first in the present back then.
Running Mind Body Seoul center to inspire, awaken, contribute to people's lives but I wasn't happy deep down and was so stressed out from not being able to pay the rent for the center as I had hard time asking people for money.

It feels so good to be lighter and happy.
Oxygen mask for myself first before helping others...right? :)

One thing that crushed my people pleasing habit was hiring my coach Tim Robins and get NLT(Neuro Linguistic Tapping) session. It was so fast and powerful session.

Just that one session with him while I was at Phuket crushed my belief or habit on pleasing others and wanting to be liked by everyone and driving myself crazy doing that deep inside.
He is now back in UK and offering skype session-he's AMAZING!
His NLT technique and so fast and powerful!

I highly recommend him for anyone who want to get rid of subconscious/unconscious pattern or behaviors or traumas or PTSD(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Also another thing I highly recommend is attending Matthew Hussey's Retreat that he offers 2 times a year!
It IS AMAZING!!!! I have to make my review/testimonial!

With so easy analogy, wisdom, tips Matt and his father Steve and his brother Stephen shared/taught us with powerful visualization with continuous facebook community to be connected with fellow ladies(many of them I feel my friends now) who attended the amazing retreat, it's transforming my life actually.
With actual applicable tools I learned!
I now use the technique for my happy, fulfilling life!
Knowing what we should do and actually doing it is two different things! :)

Finally I take lots of actions after removing fears, doubts and limiting beliefs and lots of self awareness with actual step by step tools and techniques to take actions and rituals for our meaningful goals we really really want in life. Not from our head but from our heart!

OK...I am sleepy now and have to pack my suit case to go to airport to go to Orlando Florida to attend internet marketing conference for 3 days.

I hope this post is helpful.
Let me know in the comment what is your criteria to raise your happiness level or what makes you happy. :)
Are you doing the things that make you happy?

P.S. This is Gangnam Style music video I mentioned in my video today.
Is it making you happy? Haha~curious!

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  • This is an outstanding blog post write-up and a mental reminder on how to stay on track in life….“What Makes One Happy.”

    I thought I would participate and share what makes me happy on a daily basis. Keep in mind, the list below makes me happy, but I am only about 99% there. My list is as follows:

    (1) Early morning spiritual reading, prayer, and meditation.
    (2) Physical exercise every day.
    (3) Learning something new daily.
    (4) Consuming 35 grams of fiber and 110 grams of protein daily.
    (5) Completing three planned goals daily.
    (6) Having an opportunity to work harmoniously with a smart, hardworking business partner who has similar financial goals, dreams, and aspirations.
    (7) Having the opportunity to touch, move and inspire someone daily.
    (8) Fall asleep and wake up on a daily basis with an attitude of gratitude and being thankful for great health, wealth and the ability to give to others.

    Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences from Matthew Hussey.

    Philip L. Newby

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