Well-being Shop Salt Lamps on SALE!

It's been again...long time no blogging!
I've been in a depressed and low energy mood about my shop and work...and lazy, low(no) motivation.

But I realized one day that I can be taken as a bad person or someone who tried to take advantage just because of money issue.
Especially...when someone whom I really trust considered that way...it was very heart breaking thing to hear.

Money can make a person so nice and caring and also it can make the other person not caring...when the other doesn't have money. What a funny reality...maybe not funny...it's just the way this world evolves these days?
Power of money.
Not to be mistaken...or not to be considered as a bad person...I had to wake up from the low motivation mode and long depression about the business.

So I've been working at the shop more often, making sale promotion, buying POP things to promote sales...taking an action.

It was a very big lesson to learn. Also very sad reality to know.
But I guess this is a real world and I am living in this world.

Have to be tough, strong, diligent!

I will love to see all the people around me happy and smiling. The shop landlady, the warehouse landlady, my part-time staff, my partner who invested on the business or me...my boy friend...my parents and sister who is always worried about me.

"Be real, Be responsible, Be diligent, Be positive, Be cheerful, Be optimistic!"

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