warm cuddling/touching/hugging

I was watching this TV show on SkyLife channel...
Have you heard about Cuddling Party? Maybe 10-15 different people meet at the party and wearing comfortable clothes like pajamas...and rubbing each other on the head or shoulder or hug...laying around...touching...not like sexually or weird way...
Very innocent basic cuddling or hugging/touching thing...

The party organizer lady interviewed and mentioned if people are hugging more...there will be less wars and more peaceful society.

I was thinking about recent phenomenon in Korea "Free Hug"
Yeah...I really agree with the lady...and that explained my happiness with Jay.
Jay is the dog that I babysitted during the Christmas time because I really love dogs(only friendly ones!!) and since then I have this privilege of having him whenever I want~ (One lady I met in Thailand said-You have the best deal!)

I am afraid of the long term commitment of owning the dog...or I am too selfish to have my own dog-I wanna be free and travel whenever I want...etc...

Anyway...I usually take him to my house or shop on the weekends and he stays over to my house.
Giving lots of kisses and loves! Hugs!
He's sleeping on my arm...like human-being!

I sometimes think if I am taking him as a replacement boy friend when I found myself so happy when he kisses me or licks on my cheek! :)

Definitely, I will love lots of affections and cuddlings and kisses...hugs...either human being or sweet dog! Except weird/crazy men~

Hmm...I am gonna put personal ad to look for male companion like Jay...even though several people told me it's not possible. -.-

Affectionate, sweet, sensitive, loyal, great kisser, cuddler, loving...(and handsome) Jay. :)
Hm...is it so hard to find a man like that(I don't care about handsome part because if I like someone...I find them better looking or don't care looks)? Ah~~~

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