Starting house call massage in Itaewon, Hannam area

I started massage in 2002. It was pure coincident! Long story (maybe I am not as enthusiastic to explain the long story any more).

Nowadays I don't feel like talking to people...very bad for my business.
So I am having my part-timer (who is very nice and sincere person I can totally count on) watch the shop almost all day, all week.

So I was thinking what I will like to do.
Coinsidently (maybe there's no coincident in this life! Maybe things happen for reason?), my old clients contacted me and I went to massage(I haven't gone out for housecall massage since I was always tired and low energy after opening Well-being Shop in 2004).

But I felt very good to meet my client (who got massage from me maybe 3-5 years ago and still had my phone number! Actually one of my client contacted me a few months ago while he was visiting Korea for a conference but I turned down his asking...because I was too tired) and saw him so happy and deeply appreciated my relaxing massage!

Maybe compliment makes me going and feeling good.

Anyway...I am thinking of starting house call massage again but only in Itaewon area or Hannam-dong which is within 20 min car drive distance from my house or shop in Itaewon 2-dong or Hannam-dong.

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