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I haven't blogged for a long time and this is my first blog post in years! :)

I spent amazing 5 days and half of Matthew Hussey's Retreat from end of May till June 5th 2017 in Florida and had the best roommate I could imagine.

The idea of having a roommate was a bit scary as I like my privacy but I also felt it would be great to have a roommate to share our experiences and have peer to learn from each other.

We usually live our lives according to what we know is best and normal.
We use products we think is good.

After diving deep into health and wellness, the natural way, I discovered a lot of norms and common sense or products to be harmful for myself or other people.

It's easy for me to spot something people do what is causing them harm when I know information most people don't access or are aware of.
It's obvious to me but it isn't to the person who is living life according to that the person think and believe is just normal things.
The information based on the commercials or media, peers, government, schools and even our loved ones like parents with best intention.
It's not about the's about the knowledge and truth.

After discovering most of conventional or commercial products sold in the market place were not so healthy for me after researching, watching lots of experts videos, I stopped using conventional, commercial personal care products over a year or more ago.

I use natural based products as much as possible now.
And I try to eat organic food as much as possible.

I wish more people research for themselves and question everything and be in control of their own body, health and happiness. Empowering themselves.

Major impact and realization on my awakening was when my friend holistic detox expert and international iridolosist Jennifer Tompson came to my center called Mind Body Seoul many years ago to share her knowledge and wisdom and to awaken people.

I met Jennifer at Spa Samui in Thailand when I went there for life changing detox trip. You can read my 7 day fasting and colonic detox experience here.

One evening, we had a free lecture on "Truth about food labeling" and I was quite surprised about food industry and the law, the system, for profit corporations...etc.
Later I was shocked by the truth about medical, pharmaceutical industry after watching documentary series called "The Truth about Cancer" and more.

So when I saw many things harmful for my roommate, I wanted to point out and share what I know and researched to be helpful for her but also at the same time I was concerned to share my knowledge.
What if my good intention-ed advice can be taken as nosy or just my own personal opinion or something?

I didn't want to be considered "know it all" or "my opinion is the right one or truth" kind of way. But this is not opinion and it's based on science and practices of real natural health practitioners' experience on helping their patients getting healthier and well.

So here, I am sharing the info I gathered and hope you can research for yourself and have your own conclusion for your health. :)

In Korea, I watched one TV program called "Body Burden" in Korean of course.
This program showed many female participants problem with women issues like PMS, ovary cysts or problems, hormones, infertility, inability to lose weight etc etc.

There is cause and effect in nature. In our life, our body and mind.
When they eliminated all the causes, the problems subsided and went away.

Causes for those issues?
Putting harmful chemicals into the body.

By eating conventional foods with pesticides, unnatural stuff(most of food we find at supermarkets or mart are natural or pure with food additives, flavors, chemicals), using unnatural stuff as household items like plastic cooking wares, pans and pots, using personal care products like conventional shampoos, conditioners, dish washing and laundry detergent and cosmetics for women.

So when the participants got rid of all those stuff, most of them got better and one participant struggling to get pregnant finally got pregnant.

Eating natural organic foods, using natural products, getting rid of unnatural stuff.
It sounds simple after knowing the simple nature! Isn't it? :)

I just happen to be staying at my business partner's place and we have things in common.
We like to live healthy and happy.Who wouldn't??
But it seems like not many people are researching and doing things to live that way diligently.

We like to shop from Whole Foods Market and eat organic foods.
He thanks me for introducing him power of aromatherapy with CPTG(Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils and whole foods based high quality supplements that can't be found in conventional super market.
We read, research about health and fitness and like live healthy natural life. :)
Nature's way.

One of my favorite health and natural healing information is from Dr. Axe and I learn so much from his YouTube video channel.
Dr.Axe does live streaming video almost everyday sharing cutting edge info applied in his practice and experience with hundreds and thousands of patients and other experts he brings in emphasizing "Food is medicine".

First off, Chemicals and Hormones article on Well Being Journal I just came across today from my business partner's magazine piles.

Well Being Journal Nov 2014 Issue

And here are videos I watched and think are useful for your info.

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(this is not only damaging thyroid but overall health in our lives)

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Be sure to watch 15 min mark, discussing oral contraceptives and its hormone disrupting effect and more.

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