New Year's Resolution in 2009-My vision board

Jiyoung's Vision Board- New Year's Resolution for 2009 :)

-Making successful online shopping mall
-Kite Boarding
-50kg weight for light and clear body and mind
-Praying 10 min a day in the morning/night to wish success, health, happiness for people I care
-Reading 2 books a month
-Reducing meat consumption to once a week to kill less beings....then 90% vagetarian food
-Making useful site for foreigners in Korea to help their lives to be happier
-Introducing good things to Korean: Raw Foodism, vegetarianism, environment, Well-being
-Making times for friends, family, people I love/care: phone call, email, text message, card
-Selling salt candle holders in Sydney Australia and share some profit with M and Nathan
-Clearing the money for M, bank and VAT tax
-Making service rule and getting back up: Foreigners' happy life, creating income
-Making Well-being Studio rule and making nice community, education space, creating income
-EnjoyItaewon Cafe renewal, education, party space rent
-Putting up sign board
-Succeeding with Mecca Salt
-Selling inventory in the studio and making the space clear
-Being grateful for 10 things before going to bed
-Blog entry 5 times a week for naver and blogspot
-Online photography activity and going to shoot

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