Cranial Sacral Healing and Massage exchange

I went to Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona, USA last September and met Mr. Duncan from who was showcasing Infrared Sauna unit at the festival.

I came into the sauna and talked with him and I found out that he comes to Seoul often for business trip and he loves Kimchi and knew a few Korean words and sentences. :)
But most of all, he was very genuine and nice person...I could feel it. :) Maybe we call it good vibe...or energy...or feeling or impression...even though M thinks I am worst at judging people...
I think most people I meet are great and nice in the beginning till they prove me wrong. ;))

He came to Korea this time and we exchanged today at the WellBeingStudio!

My first time hearing the word, Cranial Sacral was from Spa Samui in Thailand where I go for annual detox! There's a sweet lady who does that therapy and it took me one year to give it a try!
Because I never heard that before and it sounded strange to me or didn't know about it or just feels like...some kind of energy...(not visual...scientific feeling to me when I didn't know about it) something...stuff..
But my second annunal detox trip, I heard from other lady I met who had been coming to Spa Samui for more than 6 or 7 years saying "She's great! Now I don't feel like I need to get Reiki from other person when I get Cranial Sacral from her. I can feel the shift in my body"
From someone I felt trust worthy and sweet saying that!! I thought I would give it a try!
So my first experience was last May in Spa Samui and I did second experience with Mr. Duncan!

I am not the extra sensitive person who can feel the energy feild or Reiki energy feild when I do Reiki but it feels great.
My first experience, I fell asleep and I was amazed by the shoulder knots were all gone after just putting the hand underneath my shoulders!!
As a massage therapist, I put a lot of effort and time to work on solving the knots!!
And they could just do it by putting the hands under the shoulder!! Without rubbing!!
I asked out of shock!! "How could you do that without rubbing or massaging??"
Then she told that she worked on the vibration or inside of muscle or something like that!
It was so cool and amazing!

Anyway! Mr. Duncan also had special power! :)
He can feel intuitibly that some of my body part needed some attention like my arm or certain muscle tones...
I've been having aching feeling on my arm-there's certain spot that I could feel the muscle aches or tight from giving massage and didn't solve my knots!
He just stopped at that part and asked my body or muscle to let it go! :))
I feel much lighter on my shoulder and the arm part!! So cool!

After getting Cranial Sacral Healing, I gave him nice massage. :)
Then we went to Taj Palace for Indian buffet dinner and talked a lot!
It's so great to meet him!

It's been great to meet so many nice people from online marketing group, travels...:)
Enjoying Life...and learning...through the journey.

To enjoy more, I have to clear up some I don't feel guilty enjoying the life...
Then it would be really really free feeling! Free life and enjoying the journey...
One step at a time!

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