7 hours of walking around Seoul

Even though I live in Seoul, I didn't get to walk around Seoul like yesterday before!
I met Bill who runs Eat-A-One business which is membership card for restaurants and shops and bookstore in Itaewon and some other area too.
Another Itaewon lover and fellow Aries!
He's just another me. :) He says "You are just me"
I really feel that way too. So many things are similar between us.

Anyway, Bill asked me if I wanted to go to buy plant/flower and walk around Seoul yesterday.
So I went out to meet Bill with my spring skirt and sandal on. Then Bill told me to change shoes to sneakers. So my look became like "fashion police" material...anyway!
Feeling so unattractive and full(after eating water melon) and fat (gained a few kgs after hanging out with Bill-eating all kinds food with him for a week).

We walked to Namsan area to Chungmuro to Cheonggyecheon to Gwangjang market to Jongno 5 ga to Dongdaemun to ...all over Seoul.

Flower market in Seoul

Bill has been living in Seoul for 9 years and loves it.
And he knows so many things I never heard or knew before.
Like Namsan Jangchungdong road is very much loved by blind people as well. Then he told me I would see blind people walking soon. Then I spotted them! Two blind men walking hand in hand with their sticks! So cool! :)

I thought about Jay and Sujin and her new dog that she now lives with and in love with. :)
It will be so fun to walk around together!

Anyway...Bill is so upbeat and fun!
I can understand why my other American friend liked to hang out with me.
Because it's so fun to be with someone like Bill(I used to be like Bill...now...I am not as upbeat or fun or bubbly).

Bill is already taken and I don't feel any romantic feeling with him at all...so it's not gonna be like future something but we will be friends forever we feel.

He bought 2 tomato baby plants to grow and eat(later) :)

We ate at one fish grill restaurant behind alley in Chungmuro printing area.
It was so good!

Then we also passed by Gwangjang market which is famous for Bindaeddeok(빈대떡)-Mungbean+sprout pan cake.

Gwangjang market.

Since we were so full after fish meal...we didn't attempt to eat...maybe because of our gaining a few kgs...made us stop. -.-

I wanted to try though.

Then we walked back to our loving Itaewon.
Having great, nice friend makes it so different living in Seoul-Itaewon.
His cheerful energy made me happier and fell asleep so fast last night!

On the way back, we took some breaks at several places like Seven Eleven CVC, Bill would drink beers and walking/talking/burning fat.

It was such a great day. Not many people on the street in the back alley of Seoul!
Since Bill walked around Seoul so many times...he knows everything!
In the evening Namsam was so cool and breezy!

Anyway, it was 10:30PM when I got home. I left at 3:30PM!
Feeling good that I burned my extra fat and talked with Bill about all kinds of things in life, politics, history, islam, sex...etc!
He thought it would be nice to go to Univ. and get some more education in the states and asked me what subject I would be interested in.
I thought..about it then "Sex therapist" popped up on my head.
Because I love sex.

Anyway...a lot of talking...listening...interchanging thoughts.
Good work out mentally and physically.

Felt a little bad that I didn't get to explore Seoul and have that kind of fun with my American friend who now lives in the states. It would have been so fun...my laziness..is to blame!

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