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Road trip goes on! San Rafael Little Grand Canyon…Utah!

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I love Les Brown! Looking for Live Event Ticket for upcoming Las Vegas Workshop!!!!

Les Brown impacted me while I was diving into my personal development journey right after joining my online marketing/personal development/leadership community.
When I found out some names…like Les Brown, Bob Proctor…and watched their motivational or inspiring videos and stories…
It was like…I wish someone told me those names!!!

I threw away nice home, Benz, driver, maid and unfulfilled marriage…

Yep…that’s right…I was living in a nice house….we (or he) had Benz (from his company).
And driver and maid.
But none of them made me happy…

Get out of comfort zone, take the chance…enjoy life to the fullest!

I flew to Las Vegas last month from Korea to attend online marketing/personal development/leadership conference called Revolution!
The community and company I am part of is holding events every 3 months all over States so I’ve been coming to these events since Jan 2014.

Chris Rocheleau’s E.P.I.C. Story Selling Hack Live Webcast and sharing my story after the webcast…

Chris Rocheleau is the one who founded and ran Next Level Mastermind Intensive Workshop I attended and gave me massive breakthrough in my life and business last summer.

At that workshop not only I learned how to craft my story and sell through story by connecting and being authentic but also I made so many valuable friendships…for life.

Change your body posture & body language to change your emotion and become powerful & confident!

Did you know your body posture and body language change your mood, emotions and even make you more powerful and confident?
I made a video to explain this inspired by TED Talks.

Lessons And Realizations I Learned From My USA Road Trip (PG18)

“Be yourself!”
“Don’t care about what people think, judge or say!”
“Share your passion!”

These are the core message of my freedom movement/online marketing/blogging & personal development community that I am part of since June 2013.

Being authentic, being myself…sharing my true, deepest passion…were not easy.
I feared what people would think about me if I talked about sex in my blog or videos. So I didn’t blog.

And finally in this video I am sharing my passion!
Which is sex! :) My lesson from USA road trip is related to sex! Haha!

My NEW Approach on New Year And To Become The Best Version Of Myself for 2015!

It’s NEW YEAR! Do you do new year’s resolution or goal settings?
I wanted to share my new approach on new year and becoming best version of myself.